Important – Please read carefully for full acknowledgment

DOA: (Dead-On-Arrival) items must be reported to IBC within 2 (Two) working days from the date of purchase. Otherwise, the item will be treated as RMA and therefore will fall under the RMA policy.

RMA: All applicable rules and procedures are described below.

In order to give you a better service with fast turnaround time, please follow the rules & procedures described below:

Warranty does NOT COVER the following Accessories :
A. Power Supplies
B. Power Adapters (Printer Adapter, Notebooks, Scanners, Switches….)
C. Speakers, Keyboards, Mouse, Monitor Filter, Joystick…
D. PCI Adapters (Modem, LAN Cards, Sound Cards, PCI to USB, PCI Fire Wire….)
E. PCMCIA LAN , USB , Fire Wire
F. External case (2.5″, 3.5″, 5.25″) IDE & SATA…
G. Switches (8 Ports)
H. USB products (Bluetooth, Infrared, LAN, Sound, Hub, USB To Serial, USB To Parallel…)
I. I-Ways Controllers’ Warranty becomes void, if used with a NON I-Ways duplicator case
J. Monitors’ dead pixels are NOT a reason to consider the unit as DOA. The number of dead pixels is to be defined by each brand’s policy (No standard or/and unified policy for all monitors)
RMA Issuance & Authorization
1. Before returning the Product, Please complete IBC’s RMA/DOA Request Form
and send it with a copy of your invoice.
To download Request Form click here
2. Serial number must be fully stated. Otherwise RMA will be rejected.
3. A Copy of the invoice and the RMA form must be presented with the returned product
4.The customer is responsible for implementing appropriate data storage and safeguards to protect his data against any accidental loss. IBC will not take responsiblity for any data problems that might occur.
5. RMA number is valid for 30 days only- Any claim after this period will be rejected.
6. Any out of warranty item will be rejected.
7. RMA delivery & pickup are the customer’s responsibility.
8. Items that are electrically or physically damaged are not covered by warranty.
9. IBC will take no responsibility for any data loss due to product failure.
10. Any Item without problem description will be rejected.
11. Items are tested as per customer’s problem Description.
12. All products are subject to the manufacturer’s warranty and its relative Terms & Conditions.

Tel.: 961-1-456123 ext: 218
Fax: 961-1-456123 ext:123
Email: rma@ibcleb.com
HP Printers Warranty Policy
. HP printers are covered with 1 Year Full Warranty;  Starting from the selling invoice date
to your customer. Invoice must have your stamp and the printer’s serial number
(According to HP Policy).. For DOA Printer rules, we have 2 possibilities:
1-The printer is from the local legal channel source(Disty) and invoice is less than 30 days,
in this case the repairing rules will be as follows:
The customer must bring the original printer box (Please make sure to inform your end-user
that he must keep the box for one month), and the sales invoice signed and stamped.
Also the serial number must be mentioned on the invoice. Now, after HP Repair Center
conducts their final report, they decide whether it’s DOA or not. if it’s DOA, then the customer
will get a new one if available, or a credit note if not available, as per HP rules.
2- The printer is NOT from the local legal channel source (Imported),
in that case the printer will follow the normal repairing process (The repairing period in
HP Repair Center is 5 working days at Newtek, for CIS it depends on available spare parts)
. If the claimed problem turned out to be with the supplies (Ink or Toner) or adaptor,
the printer CANNOT  be treated as DOA, and thus, only supplies or adaptor will be replaced
by new ones. And HP Repair Center must open the new ink or toner and test it with the printer
to make sure that they both work properly and then get a test page in order to send it to HP (According to HP Policy)
. The DOA report in HP Repair Center needs 5 working days (Delivery time is not included).
. The repairing period in HP Repair Center(Newtek) is 5 working days (Delivery time is not included).
. All HP products are subject to NewTek, C.I.S & ALCS conditions.
.  In order to speed up your process, you can always communicate directly with HP Repair
Center. And when you choose so, you are required to present the original copy of your invoice.
. IBC is only an intermediary between you and HP Repair Center. Therefore, in case of any
complaint, delay or questions, please feel free to contact HP Repair Center directly
without the need to go through IBC first.
. Finally we will always be happy to serve you, and your claims are always welcome.
So please feel free to choose the solution that best fits your needs.
HP Supplies Terms & Conditions
1. HP supplies must be 80% filled, presented inside their own original packages
(Each package has a serial number that matches the one stamped on the cartridge).
Finally it needs to be IBC labeled.
So please DO NOT change the box or throw it away. Otherwise the warranty will be void.

All HP products are subject to NewTek, C.I.S & ALCS conditions

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