Welcome to the world of IBC Corp sal

Founded in 1998, based on the successful sale of a IT products in Lebanon with operations ranging from basic IT products to professional IT solutions.

From our headquarters on Airport Boulevard in Beirut, IBC Corp sal runs a network of offices and showrooms that stretch across Lebanon, DR Congo, Angola and other African countries.

Over the past years, we have developed powerful partnerships with some of the world’s greatest brand names based in Far East, Gulf, Europe, Canada and the USA, and many of these have grown into extraordinarily long-term relationships.

We are constantly seeking new opportunities to partner with people that are themselves looking to expand into new markets. Increasingly, these companies appreciate the advantages of partnering with IBC Corp sal.


1998-2001: The Foundation

IBC Corp sal was founded as a trade entity in 1998 in Beirut - Lebanon. It began as a 'trader' with five people working out of an 80 square meter office. The growth from basic product lines to a multiple brand distributor to reach across Lebanon area is the result of foresight, hard work and aggressive expansion.

The first four years was a period of growth. This phase set entry to grow in Lebanon in the supply of many products.

The market was competitive, but with the team-work spirit that we had we succeeded to penetrate into the market and we focused on expanding brand portfolio.

2002-2006: The Success in Local Market

During this phase IBC Corp sal started a wide range of IT products such as: Printers, Consumables, Networking products, CPU, Memories, HDDs, ....

The markets were growing tremendously and our dealers exceed 400 in all Lebanese territory.

By this time, we built some professional partnerships to become among Lebanon top Distributor of IT products. We carried more than 15 global brands in IT.

2007 - 2019: Lebanon and African Market

IBC Corp sal during this period has expanded its market to cover the emerging markets to become a value-added one-stop-shop for IT distribution and support services, Generators, Furniture, Automobile, and others, for Lebanon, DR Congo, Angola and many African countries.

From five employees, IBC is now has more than 100 strong work force. The portfolio has up to 50 brands while the number of dealers has risen to 800 across its markets. The company now has 6 warehouses with 3 professional service centers in support services.


Major brands: HP, Intel, Seagate, Western Digital, LG, Microsoft, Norton, Kaspersky, Eussonet, Pantum, Epson, I-Ways, Skypro, and much more

Exclusive Brands: EUSSO, I-Ways, Eussonet, Skypro

Vision, Mission & Goals

 Vision Statement

IBC Corp will be a leader in IT distribution with trust and care throughout Lebanon and the region.

Mission Statement

IBC Corp sal is head to exceed customers’ expectations by working on continual improvement and delivering excellence in products and services supported by the best management practices and a team of professionals to achieve its goals


To be the 1st partner for each IT company in Lebanon and the region. Creating long term relationships. Giving value and quality service. To be one of the exclusif electric car agent in Lebanon & the Middle-East for manufacturers locted in the Far East (Mainland China). We are looking forward to developping our new Green Product Division, that has been recently launched (2018). This division includes: Solar pannels, Electric Cars & Motorcycles, Electric tricycles, Electric Road Sweepers & Cleaners, etc..